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“Career guidance with children – The key from the understanding of parents”

On the afternoon of 15/8/ 2020, Career.gpo.vn successfully organized an online seminar “Career guidance with children” to Vietnamese parents nationwide. Currently, parents have an open mind, listen and respect their children’s opinions. However, the problem of “career guidance” still falls into many stalemates.

Some parents think that their life experience is useful in guiding their children and suppose that they do not need to learn about “career guidance”. Besides that, Some of them mistakenly think that “career guidance” is simply offering a career for their child to strive to learn and work or choose a career that is considered “good” at present for their child to study. Otherwise, there are also parents who allow their children to do whatever they want, let them experience by themselves to find a passion. So where is the right way of thinking?

In fact, Vietnamese parents have never had the right guidance for their children. Understanding that problem, Mrs.Yen Do a career coaching who has more than 20 years of experience in human resources and studied in human career development has shared a lot of knowledge and useful information to help parents being able to find a career direction for their child in this workshop.

Why do parents need to learn “career guidance”?

In fact, many parents guide their children’s career in many ways by collecting information based on social relationships, work, media. In some cases, due to lack of practical knowledge on career guidance or use their personal opinions to create pressure on their children.

There are many factors, both subjective and objective, that affect the young people’s decision to choose a major. Some of them choose the industry because of their family and friends, others choose randomly. Here are some of the most popular options for young people to study majors:

•        Choosing a major because of their parents and relatives. They want the children to follow family traditional career or for safety because they have a relationship in that field

•        Choosing a hot major following other students but not based on their qualification

•        Choosing randomly and hope that the luck will come

The consequences of the above choices are a depressed mode, stress and stuck because they do not find it meaningful and excitement of the major in the university. Then, it leads to unemployment when they graduated. Choosing it wrong will affect 4 years in the university and their future also.


Therefore, parents need to understand the careers, always update new jobs trend, as well as learn more about the human needs of the market, not just focus on the “hot” major. Each child has a unique individual talent, they need an appropriate opportunity to develop that talent so completely succeed with youth and passion. That is why the parents’ opinion should be broader to find a suitable path for their child.


We can talk a lot about the career guidance of children, but the theory applied in practice is not easy. The seminar was filled with a series of questions from the parents, Mrs. Yen Do also emphasized that “Parents should listen and accompany their children”. Only when parents and children together on the same path, they can realize what children really need and can do well.

Career.gpo.vn hopes that parents will have a more practical interest in career guidance for their children.

We will organize a special intensive training program namely “Training career guidance” held on 9/2020. The detailed of this program, please check this link: http://chuyengiahuongnghiep.gpo.vn/


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